Chirp Chirp Sounds

Sound Design & Music Production

Creative Audio Solutions for Independent and Professional Projects. Chirp Chirp Sounds is a Full Featured Sound Design and Music Production Studio. We Provide Original Sound Design and Audio Production Services To Breathe Life Into Your Projects.

Our Services:

Sound Design

Every blip and chirp, every whoosh and wail; every sound is a piece of the puzzle, and they all matter. We’re profound at creating rich unifying textures that seamlessly envelop and respond to events in your story.

Music Production

A memorable original score is one of the first things that hooks your audience. Whether it’s atmospheric and moody, filled with epic bombast or everywhere in between, we’ll bring our professional multi-instrument composition services to score your vision.

Audio Post Production \ Synchronization

Weaving audio and video together can be a complicated task, and having a dedicated audio production professional on hand in the post-production phase of the project is crucially important for maintaining polish. We’re the experts at mixing everything from the first sync to the final master.


Chirp Chirp Sounds

We are a dedicated sound design and music production studio. We’ve worked with contemporary artists, independent filmmakers, and video game designers. Our world is the world of sounds and moving images. From the days of Thomas Edison and Georges Méliès, artists and storytellers have been experimenting with unique ways to combine sound and picture. Whether you’re preparing avant-garde multimedia installations, syncing sound for animation and video, or designing soundscapes for the latest interactive app, we have the skills to give your project the professional edge.

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